Vince Johnson Jr.'s music is best described as eclectic soul, with a dash of acoustic Americana folk mixed with jazz.  

A Denver native, Vince toured in Up With People and then attended the Berklee College of Music, learning from and working with some of the world’s most accomplished musicians, producers, and songwriters. He moved to Minneapolis where he worked with many talented artists and musicians and then, after returning home to Denver, began working with Danny Seraphine, Chicago’s former drummer. Their partnership led to recording Chocolate Soup, the debut album for the duo group “Lyric”. In collaboration with Grammy-award-winners Peter Fish and Joe Nicolo, performing, mixing, and mastering by legends like Bernie Grundman on the album and very little money behind it, Chocolate Soup entered Gavin AC radio at the 135th spot and topped out at the 11th spot within seven weeks. Vince also received an endorsement from D'Addario strings for his stylistic blend of Flamenco and funk guitar rhythms.


Vince Johnson has opened with such artists as Michael McDonald, Music Soul Child, TLC, Ramsey Lewis, and the late, great Grover Washington Jr., just to name a few. He has performed at top venues such as the House of Blues in Chicago and MTV Studios. After writing Chocolate Soup, Vince began writing for other local artists while completing his degree at the University of Colorado Denver.


Vince Johnson’s music is best described as Jazz, Soul and Funk Folk. According to one fan, "It's like listening to a male India Arie with a sexy low voice who isn’t afraid to use a falsetto with lyrics to match the highs and lows of the spectrum of human emotion."  Vince's sound is a combination of flamenco and folk guitar styles with a dash of hip-hop rhythm. Emotion, whether straightforward or understated is what Vince is all about. His lyrics reflect the world that we live in and are thought-provoking and heartfelt. “There is obviously some pain with the joy of life, which is the common thread throughout my music and what I hope to portray.”  As to the quality and sincerity in his work, his motto has always been, “passion over perfection.”

Vince Johnson’s most recent project, “Jazz Parables” will be released in the spring of 2018.

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